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The Body Shop Social Campaign

The Campaign.
Thoughts for men.
Thoughts for men is what I am calling my campaign, as i believe that it is what men are thinking. For my social campaign I started to think about what I could do that was different to what The Body Shop has already done. They have covered social campaign ranging from HIV to Sex Tracing. They have done a campaign which is stopping violence on women, and as my target audience is men, I thought about creating a campaign poster for stopping abuse towards men, as its not always the women getting abused. I also thought about men's health. I thought that testicular cancer awareness would be an obvious choice for a social campaign for men, so I was put off thinking that a lot of people would do it. But as the Actual Body Shop brief is for women, not many people will direct their social campaign towards men.

Testicular Cancer Poster.
A lot of men spend time with their hands down their pants, for no good reason, therefore I thought that I could make them do it for a good reason. Testicular cancer is nothing to joke about, although making a serious subject more light hearted, it is easier to approach. Creating the illustration to make it fit into the same amount of space allocated was tough but it just meant that it might be quite narrow.

I created the body with the pants, making the arms slightly lighter than the legs and torso so that it showed that the arms were in front of the body.

I made a box the size of the space I had to fit in the illustration, brought it to the front of the illustration and 'make' so that I could make it fit into the box. This image does look like a man with his hands down his pants, but it doesn't look very real, I think it would look better with more detail.

With the belly button this illustration looks better, although it doesn't fit in the box without cutting off some of the pants, which is the most important part of the illustration. The shadow on the pants make is look like the pants are real. Also it look like the man is checking himself, or just having a fumble.

Testicular cancer is one of the most treatable types of cancer if discovered early. Over 95% of men can be completely cured if found early enough. This is why I think it is an important social campaign, because it can be cured, but only if it is found and not enough men check themselves.

Type on the poster.
A brief description of the cancer and describing what can be done to prevent people dying because of testicular cancer because it can be treated. I|ts just about creating awareness.

Final Poster.
The final social campaign poster has been designed so that it has the same grid system as the product posters as they are all part of the 'Thoughts for men' campaign.

Thinking of a interactive method for my concept was quite easy as it just came from my thoughts for men campaign. A loyalty card for men is the interactive part of the poster campaign. The loyalty card would allow the male audience to earn points as they bought Body Shop products, this would be called ‘man points’. For example for every five pounds spent instore they would receive a man point, which tallies up to ten. The audience would have a physical loyalty card and then they could go to the Body Shop website and view their account to find out how many points they have. Each reward station is known as a base, playing on the high school metaphors for relationships, this is a fun tongue in cheek message. Although a loyalty card is very obvious for it to be interactive with the audience, but this is for men, so it would be different to the loyalty card they already have. Also this allows it to go online so that you can see how many points you have, and see if you have any gifts to claim.

I started by drawing round The Body Shop logo and using that shape as the container for the points.

Using a petal like shape to illustrate how many points you have. When you have a point the petal will go opaque and you will be able to see the number. Each time you spend a certain amount another petal will fill.

Running by the side of the points chart will be a key showing you what all the points mean, the gift you will receive and how long it will take to receive each of the gifts. The names of each of the stations have come from what is said in school, 'I got to second base' the innocent innuendo of the bases in baseball referring to progress in your relationship.

This would be the layout of the page of the page if you were to bring it up on an ipad, it wouldn't have the key by the side of it, although it would be lower down in the page.

This would be what the app would look like if you were to go on it on your phone, very similar to the ipad, apart from the number of point you have would be more evident as the petal may be slightly harder to see when its smaller. You would still be able to see it although this would just be there to ensure it.

The physical loyalty card would look like this, it would be blue to follow the 'thought for men' campaign and the social campaign poster colours, it also follows the colours of the app. There would be a washy blue in the background of the card so that its slightly more decorative.

I tried to mock my idea of the loyalty card onto The Body Shop website to what it would look like and how it would work once you have logged into it with your card number.

Mock ups.
Mocking them onto the actual different devices shows what it would physically look like, to give people a better idea. What is good about the loyalty card and how it is interactive is that although it is aimed towards men and collecting 'man points' it is not exclusively for men, and I think that women would find it very useful too. Also Body Shop could incorporate their current loyalty card and make it interactive, as it is the future. Anyone could be out shopping and have the app to check if they have a gift, or how many points they have.

When starting this brief I thought that it would be an easy, simple brief, that I could do quite effortlessly. Although looking through the brief more I found that there was a lot more to it. Also after the sessions with Fred, going through the brief and dissecting it, I found loop holes in the brief. We were told to say why we thought our brief would win, so I wanted to have a good reason why my brief would win. Therefore I adapted the target audience. The brief stated that it was for women but not exclusively, it also stated that they are rule changers and law breakers. This made me want to break the laws of their brief, and change the rules to make Men the target audience.
There are very generic responses that could be done for this brief, and there are a lot of things that I could have done with the brief if I kept it targeting women. But it would have just been the same as everyone else's responses. Therefore even if my entry isn't what they are looking for, at least they will take a second look, and give them something different to everyone else's that has been submitted.
If I were to have done this again I wouldn't have changed a lot, I am happy with my submission. One thing I might have done is on the body butter posters, I would have given the body a bit more definition. But I am glad that I changed the target audience, although it would have been a lot simpler and easier to target women, it wouldn't have made as big of an impact.

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