Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Branding Session

The Session.
During this session we were all put into groups of three and given a an occupation to brand. I was put in a group with Danielle H and Dan, and we were given the word electrician.

We started by brainstorming ideas about electricians, what they do and the tools that they use. Dan came up with the name and strap line for our company which was 'PLUG.' and the strapline is 'Don't shrug, call plug".

After decided who and what our company is going to be, we started to go through the things that we needed such as a logo, all of the branding and advertising.
We all started to try and produce some logos, and this was mine, but we decided that Danielle had an appropriate typeface that she created that would work well for the logo, we also decided that it would be good to use a plug as the full stop for the logo.

Whilst Danielle was working on the logo, and Dan was working on the colour scheme, I started to produce the powerpoint and look into what wuold be needed for our brand guidelines. Although we decided that we would use InDesign instead and save as a PDF for our powerpoint.

After coming up with our logo, we were questioned on our colour choices, which made us think and we came up with the idea of using yellow and green like the two colours used in the earth wire that electricians use.
I started to look at the dos and donts that can happen with our logo, I also decided to create a exclusion zone for the logo.
Using the brand guidelines of other companys, I came up with eight different ways in which the logo must not be used.
I then considered what could be done with the logo.

We decided that we would propose an app for our brand, but whilst making the app, I started to think about why we were making it, and whether it would be applicable for our business, and I think that there is different things that could be done that are more useful, therefore we decided that scrap the idea of creating an app, and we created a website instead.
I then started to look into posters/flyers and what I could do to make them interesting. I thought about using all of the words which are related to an electrician, and creating a shape such as a plug. Although I don't think that it would work very well on the flyer as it doesn't really say a lot about the business.

These are just a few ideas for the leaflet.

We decided that we would share out the powerpoint evenly as none of use liked speaking a lot in front of people therefore this was the fairest way. I found this session really helpful, and learned a lot about brand guidelines, and how logos should and shouldn't be used. I think that it was good to be put into groups at random, as it meant that we were able to work with people who we wouldn't have worked with before.

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