Thursday, 27 February 2014

Collabrative Brief Session 3

The Session.
During this session we were asked to go into the same groups as we were previously in, to show the two other pairs what we have done since the last session, the ideas that we have what we will be doing next. After this we then went through a brief from on of the pairs in our group to answer questions about the  strengths and weaknesses that their brief has.

Me and Emily went through Sam and Mel's brief on Morrisons. The work that they have produced so far are very appropriate for the brief, it was directed to the correct target audience and was aesthetically pleasing. We suggested a few things that they could do if they had more time or money, but over all we thought that the design decisions that they have made were really good. We then went through our feedback with the group, we gave ours to Sam and Mel, then Sarah and Caitlin gave us our feedback.

Our Feedback.
I agree with all of the feedback we have received and this will be something that we will work on when we move forward we will develop these ideas further. We have found that the illustrations get a bit lost in the background, and the background should be a bit lighter, maybe fade in the watercolour effect. We have also found that we should be using the green as well as the purple and blue, I think that this is a good idea, as having only two colours is a bit limiting. The type is also something that they commented on, which Emily will look into as she is in charge of type.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Layout Session

The Session.
In this session we went through layouts, using body copy that we couldn't change, and logos that we had to use, we also had additional information that we had to include in each of the tasks.

Task 1.
In task one we had to create a flyer, we were given the document and grid system to work with, we were also given all of the images that we could use, the copy and we were told that we had to stick with black and white for the branding. We were able to use these colours.
C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-100
C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-90
C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-0
C-3 M-0 Y-8 K-0
We were given 30 minutes to go through the task and come out with an A5 flyer for the Jackson Rising exhibition.
The first outcome I found was slightly out of balance and would need some adjustments. I also used black for the background of the flyer, but I used an opacity so that I could create a series of greys, rather than just having a black and white flyer.

Task 2.
For Task two we had to create a Constantina booklet for the exhibition, showing off the different artists that there are. The colour restrictions with the branding are the same as before.

When I started to think about doing my constantina, I decided to create a mock up of it, so that I could figure out what pages were what, and where I should put everything.

I decided to keep my constantina portrait and have two pages for each of the artists, the front page containing the logo and information about when the exhibition is, and having a content page on the back.

I decided to change layout of the artist information page, I think that before I moved down the information and image the layout was slightly unbalanced.

This was the final publication layout.

Extended Practice.
For the extended Practice, after the session we had to create something else of an appropriate medium that would also be suitable for the exhibition.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Chester Zoo Primary Research

Primary Research
I decided to go to Chester Zoo to get some primary research on some of the endangered animals that I am researching, this is so that I can learn more about each of the animals, and see first hand what they are like and how they are, this is so that my publication is more informed.

Asian Elephants. Endangered.

Butterfly Garden.

Buffy-headed Capuchin.

Golden Poison Dart Frog. Endangered.

Radiated Tortoise. Critically Endangered.

Galapagos Giant Tortoise. Vulnerable.
As well as offering you information about each of the animals that are there, they also display thank you signs and name all of the people that adopt each of the animals, this is another incentive to adopt an animal, so that you can get your name on the list.


Morelet's Tree Frog. Critically Endangered.

False Tomato Frog. Least Concern.

Chimpanzee. Endangered.

Orangutan. Endangered. Gibbon.
This is another graphic sign that interacts the people who are visiting the zoo, it makes how much the population has decreased, you do this by placing your hand on the hand, and the lights show how the population had decreased through time.


Humboldt Penguins.

Sumatran Tigers. Endangered.
The tigers were hard to get photos of, as they stopped walking around and went to sleep, therefore I could only get pictures that were taken for very far away, as the tigers living area was quite large.


Cheetah. Vulnerable.

Spectacled Bear. Vulnerable.

Rhinos. Endangered.
Some of the animals also has illustrations near them, as if the information was all written in a notebook and displayed like this. Telling a story through illustrations.

Not only do Chester Zoo offer the opportunity to get involved with animals by getting so close to them, and having interactive areas such as games and informative signs. They also have signs with information on for each of the animals with the conservation status on them so that you can see what is endangered and how endangered they are, this was very helpful for me.