Sunday, 23 February 2014

Collaboration Brief Development

Emily and I started to bring our illustrations and type together, we did this by seeing what the illustrations look like on the background.

We both agreed that the illustrations were a bit lost on the background, and that it would be better to use an area that was either really dark or really light as it would stand out a lot more. We also discussed the colour and which colours we were going to use with each illustration and type, we thought that it may look better if we had both the purple and the blue in the same design as it would give it more layers, and it looks better.

We looked into having a purple background with blue illustrations which I think works really well as it stands out a lot more than it does on the blue, although it looks slightly two dimensional, therefore I think that having an opacity on the background may work well.

When we looking into changing the background to make it lighter or darker, we found that it looks a lot clearer using the purple type, and it it also a lot more balanced with the purple in the illustrations. I think that I may need to include more purple in the illustrations, such as the numbers on the clock. I also think that we could maybe use another colour so that we have more of a range, as we don't want all of the signs to look the same.

We also tried looking into having blue text and illustrations with a purple background, and found that the dark one looks too dull, and the lighter pinker one looks too busy, and not very readable although it looks more appealing we wouldn't be able to use it due to the legibility.

Looking into the backgrounds for the campaign, I wanted to try and create a faded in effect as I think that it would look better and more legible to have a lighter background for the illustrations but a darker background for the text. This is something that I will show Emily to see what she thinks and whether she thinks its appropriate.

Moving forward from this I am going to create more illustrations using the purple and blue colours that we have decided on, so that we can put the text and illustrations together, and get the campaign signs started so that we can continue to make more things such as gift cards, posters and web design. Also we have a crit soon so we can find out what will need changing and adapting, and what works well.

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