Sunday, 16 February 2014

Water Colour Effect

Creating a digital watercolour effect.
For both my Cath Kidston and Oasis brief I wanted to look into how to create a watercolour effect digitally.
 I started by creating a circle, although it can be any shape.
Then I selected my circle and created a gradient mesh of 7 by 7.
Doing this allows me to draw shapes with the selection tool or the lasso tool, and making them a different shade or a different colour.

After doing this I then changed the wrinkle tool to 60mm width, 60mm height and the angle to 45 degrees.
Changing the Horizontal to 100% and the complexity to 6 allows the wrinkle tool to create this effect...
This creates a good effect, and changing the opacity of the circle will allow it to look a lot more watercolour like.

Although I have found that making the Horizontal option 0% and the complexity to 0 I think creates a better effect, something that looks a lot more like watercolour.
Having this allows me to experiment with different colours and looking at different wrinkle options to create better effects which suit each of the briefs I am looking at.

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