Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Layout Session

The Session.
In this session we went through layouts, using body copy that we couldn't change, and logos that we had to use, we also had additional information that we had to include in each of the tasks.

Task 1.
In task one we had to create a flyer, we were given the document and grid system to work with, we were also given all of the images that we could use, the copy and we were told that we had to stick with black and white for the branding. We were able to use these colours.
C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-100
C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-90
C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-0
C-3 M-0 Y-8 K-0
We were given 30 minutes to go through the task and come out with an A5 flyer for the Jackson Rising exhibition.
The first outcome I found was slightly out of balance and would need some adjustments. I also used black for the background of the flyer, but I used an opacity so that I could create a series of greys, rather than just having a black and white flyer.

Task 2.
For Task two we had to create a Constantina booklet for the exhibition, showing off the different artists that there are. The colour restrictions with the branding are the same as before.

When I started to think about doing my constantina, I decided to create a mock up of it, so that I could figure out what pages were what, and where I should put everything.

I decided to keep my constantina portrait and have two pages for each of the artists, the front page containing the logo and information about when the exhibition is, and having a content page on the back.

I decided to change layout of the artist information page, I think that before I moved down the information and image the layout was slightly unbalanced.

This was the final publication layout.

Extended Practice.
For the extended Practice, after the session we had to create something else of an appropriate medium that would also be suitable for the exhibition.

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