Thursday, 20 February 2014

PTP - Signs

Signs for the Cafe.
Sonya wanted some signs for The Pink Teapot, she suggested that she would need some general posters for the cafe, just to brighten up the walls. Finding out more information about the cafe and about what kind of posters she wants, I thought that I would use 'Be Nice Or Leave'. This is an example she gave me about the kind of humour and banter that she has with the customers, therefore I thought that it would be the perfect quote to use in the posters.

Screen Printed Posters.

A lot of my stock was cartridge paper, or coloured paper, but I decided to try some print on card and tracing paper, this is so that I can see what effect the print will make on different stocks. Using card and tracing paper meant that I could try over lap the design to have something coming through, showing more dimensions and giving my client more of a choice.

Using black paper made the colours a lot darker, when I was printing on the black I found that the face looked quite zombie like, this gave me ideas to do some prints for Halloween, this could be used in the cafe at around Halloween time, as Sonya is very festive and changes the decorations in the cafe for each holiday so that they all follow that certain theme.

When printing the eyes onto the face, I realised that I had no guide lines to measure it up, and as I had a black lining going round the eyes and the face, I needed to make sure that the eyes were in the right place or the print would be off. As the black layer was on the same screen I decided to print that onto trace so that I could line it up with the print, this was a good idea and worked well so that the eyes were in the right place.

I didn't think about the polkadots, as I just presumed when I was designing the prints, that I would be printing onto a white stock to keep the polkadots white. After printing onto some coloured stocks I realised that this was going to affect the design, although I think that it adds to the design, as it makes them all different.

I initially wanted to print the type in black, but thought that I would experiment with the colour of the paint, then I could see what looks best.

My Prints;
The two trace prints worked well and gave the design a good effect. Using trace is just another stock that I tried it on, to see which Sonya would prefer.

This design is another that didn't line up well with the face, this was done when I was printing the hair, I didn't line it up properly clearly. Also what went wrong on this print was that the stock stuck to the back of the screen, so when I peeled it off, there was a lot of ink on the paper, which made this print a bit clumpy.

This print also did the same thing as above, when printing the face it stuck to the back, there was too much paint coming through. This is why it is good to produce a lot when screen printing, just in case.

One of the good things about screen printing is that you can experiment with layout, this is exactly what I took advantage of when I was printing, some worked better than others. I thought that if I produced many different prints with different layouts, Sonya will be able to chose which she prefers.

When I started to print the hair I realised that I couldn't line it up accurately due to where I positioned my screen, therefore this print was very out, and I corrected it in my next prints.

This print is one that I did onto white card, as has been printed really well, and its very clean, all of the layers are lined up very accurately, I am very pleased with these prints.

This is the print that Sonya decided she wanted to put on the wall in the cafe. Although I have given all of the prints to her anyway as she said that she wanted them and would use them at some point. I am really happy with the prints I have produced, I think that they are appropriate for the cafe, and that they follow the tone of voice that Sonya suggested.

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