Thursday, 13 February 2014

Collaboration Brief Session 2

Preparation For The Session.
In the first session we were asked to fill in our contracts thoroughly, so that we had something solid to look back at, if anything goes wrong. We started to do this by getting together and going through our ideas for the brief.
We went through our target audience, tone of voice, and some of the ideas that we had for the brief to take it further than just thinking about the messages. Emily then made a list of the roles and responsibilities that there are, so that it would be easier for us to assign them.
Doing it like this made it clearer and easier to go through. We then filled in the roles and responsibilities sheet, and signed it so that it is contracted.

The Contract.
The Session.
During this session we had time to have a small crit with two other partnerships, listening tho their ideas about their briefs, and discussing our brief. Whilst we were going through our brief, explaining what it was we were doing and how we were going to do it, we realised that the target audience that Oasis actually had, were different to the target audience that Oasis wanted us to design for. It made us think about who we were designing for, we thought about designing for Oasis's needs rather than what they want. Although if we did this they would probably discard our entry, but we also don't want to just design really cheesy childish messages like they want us to. We have decided that we will have a bit of both, it will be very girly and informal, but not cheesy, and not to 'chatty' in the use of language. We  then had to fill out another sheet so that we had a definite idea of what we are going to do.

Figuring out our timetable is something that helped us a lot, this allowed us to see what needs doing and when it needs to be done by, it also allowed us to assign our responsibilities to certain dates.

After the Session.
After the session we decided that we needed to go through our ideas further, looking into the colours that we will be using, also the typefaces, and how we are going to brand our designs so that we are both thinking the same way.

After going on Adobe Kuler to try and find some colours that would look good together, but also be appropriate for Oasis, we found that Kuler wasn't helping us. Therefore we found these colours just by going through and looking at what will suit Oasis but also what will look good together and go with our concept.

We also went through typefaces to see what would be appropriate for our brief by looking through commercial fonts. The two fonts that we have chosen to use are Quicksand light for the body copy and Budmo for the Headings. For the Budmo font we have decided that we like the shape of the typeface but not the white circles inside it, therefore we will create outlines for the text we are using and delete the circles inside the type.

We also decided on the messages that we are going to use in the advertising campaign. We thought that it wouldn't be fair for just one of use to write the messages so we would write them together. The messages we creating were very simple and to the point, displaying a question then an answer. We wanted out messages to be direct and not as patronising or chatty as the current messages.

The messages.
  • Too busy to wait around? Give us a time and we'll deliver it to you.
  • Got no cash? You can use PayPal in-store.
  • Need help or advice? Talk to our personal stylists today.
  • Got an NUS card? You students get 15% off all year round.
  • Can't find your size? We will track it down and deliver it for free.
  • Want to see what else we have? Free wifi in store to check out our Oasis app.
  • Stuck for ideas? Treat your friends to an Oasis gift card.
  • Want to get more from your Oasis experience? Get yourself a loyalty card.
  • Want to get more involved? Follow us online.
After writing the messages we both said that either of us could change the messages slightly if we thought it needed to be changed to fit in with the design. We had already assigned what we were both doing for this brief, so we decided that we would both go away, Emily looking at designing the type, and I would be looking at the illustrations, then we will come back together to bring them together before the progress crit.

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