Thursday, 27 February 2014

Collabrative Brief Session 3

The Session.
During this session we were asked to go into the same groups as we were previously in, to show the two other pairs what we have done since the last session, the ideas that we have what we will be doing next. After this we then went through a brief from on of the pairs in our group to answer questions about the  strengths and weaknesses that their brief has.

Me and Emily went through Sam and Mel's brief on Morrisons. The work that they have produced so far are very appropriate for the brief, it was directed to the correct target audience and was aesthetically pleasing. We suggested a few things that they could do if they had more time or money, but over all we thought that the design decisions that they have made were really good. We then went through our feedback with the group, we gave ours to Sam and Mel, then Sarah and Caitlin gave us our feedback.

Our Feedback.
I agree with all of the feedback we have received and this will be something that we will work on when we move forward we will develop these ideas further. We have found that the illustrations get a bit lost in the background, and the background should be a bit lighter, maybe fade in the watercolour effect. We have also found that we should be using the green as well as the purple and blue, I think that this is a good idea, as having only two colours is a bit limiting. The type is also something that they commented on, which Emily will look into as she is in charge of type.

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