Sunday, 16 March 2014

Illustrations and Printed Ephemera

My main role for the collaborative Oasis brief was to produce all of the illustrations for each of the messages that we wrote. For the illustrations I decided to create the basic shapes using simple shapes with different opacities of our colour scheme. This will give the allusion that I am using more colours whereas they are actually the same just different opacities.

I started by creating a pattern made up of different sized triangles and polygons using different opacities of the colour scheme we chose as a partnership.

Using this I was able to create outlines of the illustrations I want to create and 'make' them. This basically cuts the shape out of the pattern, this meant that I didn't need to draw out loads of different triangles and polygons for each of the illustrations, I can just change the colour.

Adding each of the cut out shapes together gave me this illustration which is appropriate for out target audience, brief and aesthetic.

Doing this meant that I could produce different colours of the illustrations. I did that so that when me and Emily are trying to work out what looks best, I will have different colours of the illustration, so we can use which ever one looks best and is most suitable.

For some of the illustration I thought that I could make them more complex by creating different coloured outlines on the actual pattern itself. Although I don't think that it is very effective or that it will work well in this brief, but I will see which Emily prefers.

I also decided to try and merge the colours together. I think that the blue and purple looks good on a white background, although I think it might be quite hard to see on the background I have been looking at.

For the social network illustrations, we were given all of the logos and icons, therefore I decided that I could use the outlines of these to create illustrations that are consistent with the other illustrations I have created.
 For the wifi I decided to do a simple wifi symbol, also using the Oasis logo I thought that I would have the symbol coming from the 'O' so that it is showing that the wifi is actually coming from Oasis.

I also did two different variations of the size message illustration, and I thought that Emily could chose which one she preferred to use for the actual message.

Having options of different colours and mixing the different colours so that I can chose which colour could look best on each background.

For the paypal we thought that it would be a good idea to just use the word 'paypal' as any other illustration would be too complex and I don't think that it would work well on the background.

For the website Emily needed a logo, and we thought that it would work well and would be in keeping with the messages if I created the Oasis logo using our colours and illustration aesthetic.

Gift Cards.
Another role for me was to create some gift cards and loyalty cars for Oasis, that are linked with the messages with a similar aesthetic.

I kept the cards simple as the current gift cards are very simple. For the gift cards I would be using the illustration patterns, and using the water effect as the holder, this will link the gift cards to the messages.

For the loyalty cards I will be using the water colour effect, I think that this will show the difference between the two, whilst keeping them a consistent aesthetic.

I decided to get the holders and cards printed, this is so that I could take photos of them so that we can use them in out submission boards and in our project to show examples of how the messages could be connected with the subject of the messages
Emily Photoshopped the images so that the colour are more vibrant and look more effective on the submission boards.

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