Thursday, 6 March 2014

Design Board Session

The Session.
During this session we swapped tables with another table so that we could get different feedback than we had already received, we then had to fill in sheets for feedback about the design boards. We gave feedback for Ewan and Ant, and Sam and Harrison, both of which had good strengths and suggestions given.

This is the feedback we received, and is something we will bare in mind when we are designing are final design boards. After receiving our feedback we all as a group went through the general improvements that can be made.
Consistency of layout throughout the boards
- size of images (formatting)
- gutters and margins
- quality of images
- bodycopy/typesetting
Clear audience
- clear aims
- clear outcomes
Too much information
- having too much text on one page
- having too many images on one page
- having generally too much stuff, cluttered
Impact - hierarchy of information
- your eyes should be drawn to different things in a certain order.

I have learnt a lot during this session about what to do and what not to do with design boards, they are just as important as the design, as if the boards aren't good, then people wont even consider the design itself.

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