Friday, 21 March 2014

Publication Initial Ideas

Initial Ideas.
Before thinking about what I am going to include in my publication I have decided to work out what kind of binding method I should use. This is so that I can work out the layout. I will be using a crown binding method which means that my pages can be removed and swapped around, this also means that I have more room to include information on the back of each of the spreads.

I started to write down everything that I found in my research and decide which direction I could go in.

I have found many different facts about endangered animals that I think would be good to include in my publication, this will give people more interest in the publication itself.

A publication about endangered animals should be specific about some of the most endangered animals that I have researched, rather than being vague about facts and random species. Therefore I have decided that I would write down all of the different animals that are critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable and near threatened. Working out which of the animals are most endangered, then make my publication based on them.

The idea of having each page based on a different animal, explaining information about them,what threats they have and how people can help them. I also want to include some primary and secondary research into the animals, therefore I am going to go to Chester Zoo for my primary research as they have many different endangered animals there, they also contribute a lot to preserving them and helping all animals. After doing this I will have a better idea of how people try and help, and what I can do to create awareness.

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