Friday, 21 March 2014

Endangered Animals Direction Ideas

Initial Ideas.
After choosing Endangered Animals as my research topic, my initial ideas for were to create an adoption pack so that I can make packs for either children or adults, I'm not sure which audience yet. I thought that I could create my own adoption packs rather than re-doing a brand that has already been done and making them better. But then I thought that creating an entire brand to do the exact same thing as something like WWF is pointless, I would have no reason to do this, and there is no point in me designing something to do the same thing as something else unless it is better. So I started to look into WWF and what their adoption packs were like so that I could see what is out their already.

WWF Adoption Packs.
Lots of adoptions packs are specific to a certain animal, but I thought that I would create a range of adoption packs which were specifically for endangered animals.
Although looking through the WWF website I found that they have adoption packs for 112 different animals, of which all of the endangered animals that are critically endangered are in them. I then decided that I would look into what their adoption packs are like.

The adoption gift packs are very simple and the customers don't really get a lot for their money, also the more you pay the larger the soft toy you get in the pack, you don't get anymore information about the animal. In this pack there is very limited information about the animals that you adopt, its not very personalised and there isn't a lot of information about the animal, it is as if its for people who don't really care that much about the cause, they are just giving the money to make themselves feel like they are doing something good.

This is something that I could re-do. The adoption packs for WWF are not very good, interactive or informative, I think that this would be something that is worth doing, it would be helpful, it would also allow me to appeal to a specific target market, I could make them very child friendly, as I believe that the WWF adoption packs not are for children as they have a soft toy and it doesn't have a lot of information which would be appropriate for children, but wouldn't appeal to them.
Although looking further into WWF I found that there was also a UK version of the website, which wasn't as informative but it did have fuller adoption packs, with lots of information and magazines that keep you up to date throughout the year that you are prescribed with them. They also have factbooks about the animals, bookmarks, stickers and more.

It is appealing to children with the cuddly toy, also using a young girl in the photo will make other children see it and want to be like the girl in the photo and want the adoption pack.
The information that is available will appeal to the adults or parents of the children. There is information about the animal itself, other animals that are similar, they also have information about WWF and what they are doing to help the animals, therefore what you are doing to help them help the animals. They have things such as stickers, bookmarks and factbooks which make the pack interactive.
With the adoption you can pay monthly or you can pay all in one go. You can also pay the standard amount (minimum £3) or you can make it higher and donate more so that you can help more. Looking at this information and the packs that are available, I have found that the WWF packs are the better adoption packs I have found, they are the most informative, and they are also the most well known brand and company that helps endangered animals.

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