Sunday, 18 May 2014

Website Proposal

I have decided that I will be needing a website for my charity, and it is also where the tickets need to be ordered from. I think that it is important to have a website, for the charity, not just the exhibition itself. I have been looking into different exhibition websites, and different charity websites, looking for something that will grab the attention of the audience. A website isn't something that I am very confident with, therefore I wanted to just make a home page to show what the general aesthetic of it would be. I want to produce a website that will be simple and easy to follow, also so that it is quite simple to code so that not a lot of the costs of the website coding would come out of the charity.

Developing my website, I decided that I want to include a homepage showing the exhibition that is currently taking place. This would mean that a series of illustration posters would be on the homepage, it would slowly go through the posters or it can just be skipped through. The information available will be the species that are endangered, information about ASH, the exhibitions that are on and where they are, contact information, a search bar, and a direct link to the 'Make A Donation' page.

Website Proposal Pages.
Although my website is very simple, I think that this works for the charity Animal Safe House. I think that it is appropriate for my to propose the website as it is where the tickets are available. To get to the tickets you can either click on the large images as they will link directly to exhibition page, or click on the exhibition link.

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