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Exhibition Space

Exhibition Space.
I have decided that I need to look into where my exhibition should take place. I think that it is important to look into where my exhibition would actually take place, how much space it has available, and how much it would cost. Also I need to know the opening hours, this is so that I know what information I should be putting onto my exhibition ephemera. I am also looking for an exhibition space with an areas where people can get food and drinks, although drinks will be available on the way into the exhibition. But I am also looking for an areas where I will be able to sell the products that I have and the packs that I am making.
  Tetley Building.
This Leeds museum and gallery is set to open in the former Tetley Brewery building in August 2013. To be named ‘The Tetley’, and housed in this magnificent, historical building in the heart of Leeds, this Leeds art gallery promises to be an injection of ingenuity and character into the Leeds art scene.
What makes organisation, Project Space Leeds, so special is its that its central philosophies are that of contemporary visual art and showcasing the creative potential of local and regional artists. This Leeds art gallery, which was previously situated at Whitehall Waterfront, has long been loved by Leeds’ inhabitants and art lovers. It’s return to the Tetley Brewery building is highly anticipated.
This Leeds art gallery will be a publicly accessible creative space, housed in the most interesting of Leeds’ architectural wonders. Furthermore, Project Space have made it their mission to look after the Tetley Archive, and the buildings redevelopment will safeguard heritage features such as the original boardroom and war memorials in the building. The rest of this Leeds art gallery will be transformed into top-quality showing spaces, learning and community facilities, event spaces and a café.

Model Gallery
Some may think viewing art isn’t the best way to spend an afternoon, but once you have visited &Model gallery, you’ll soon have changed your mind.
The gallery isn’t just a place for art fanatics, no, it’s a place to peruse and enjoy no matter what level of art expertise you hold, as the work that’s displayed here can be truly distinctive and impressive.
And not only that, the gallery is located in central Leeds so you won’t have to travel far to get your dose of art culture.
&Model holds a great reputation for bringing together a variety of diverse work. From up-coming and young talent to well-established artists, in addition to showcasing the work of both international and local artists, this makes the gallery refreshingly different.
It doesn’t even matter if you have visited before, as there are new exhibitions taking place all year round. So, be sure to check what new artwork they’re displaying – it might be just up your street.
&Model is a great place to check out what talent we have in Leeds, or even to give you a burst of inspiration if you are feeling a lack of creativity – so be sure to check it out next time you’re in the city with some free time on your hands.

Little Known Art Space.

While the better known Leeds art spaces such as larger galleries such as Leeds Art Gallery and Leeds Gallery, are some of the most popular in the city, and are visited by thousands every week, there are little-known are spaces are hiding around every corner, and we’ve hunted them out.
The local art scene is lively and cosmopolitan, with a multitude of art exhibitions in Leeds at any one time. If contemporary visual arts and culture in Leeds is right up your street, you’ll be hard-pushed to find something you don’t like among the city’s many exhibitions.
What’s exciting about our Leeds art spaces is that they’re not blindingly obvious. In actual fact, they’re underground, they’re independent, and they’re non-profit. Or at least a lot of it is, and that’s what gives it that extra level of creative flair. From art exhibitions in cafés and bars, to displays from inspiring local and regional artists in derelict, abandoned buildings, the Leeds art scene has it all.

Leeds Gallery.

Venue Hire & Events
Gallery Munro House is available to hire for a wide range of events and functions; the gallery is the ideal space for exhibitions, events, meetings, functions, product launches, performances and film screenings.
Uniquely situated at the corner of Duke Street and York Street, the gallery’s large corner windows look South towards the City Centre. A light and airy space, the ceilings are approximately 15ft high, ideal for cinema screening or events which require large structures to be built within the space.
The main entrance to the gallery is on York Street, with additional access via Munro House.
The Venue
We are a fully licensed venue and can cater for events up to about 200 people, depending on the arrangement of the space.
Prices start from £30/hour + VAT.
Staff and catering are also available.
The gallery café is also available to hire. Situated directly next door, it works particularly well as a bar or VIP area for the main gallery space, while also providing an additional entrance. The café can be hired separately for smaller events.
The combined space is approximately 2100sq ft.
My Exhibition Space.
I have decided that I think the Leeds Gallery would be most appropriate for my exhibition. It has an area for the people who come to get some food. There is also area for a shop, this means that I will be able to have an area where I can sell the animal packs, and the other products available. It also allows the exhibition to to open later for specific things, so I will be able to occupy the space on an evening, which is when I wanted to have the exhibition.

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