Friday, 2 May 2014

Poster Development

Animal Illustrations.
When creating my exhibition I thought that I would start with what I will be showing in the exhibition. This is because this is the area I am most interested in, working on the the illustrations, this is what drives my design.

When working on the exhibition posters, I started to think about the production method I would use and what would be most appropriate for them. I think that it would be best for my exhibition to have screen printed posters, this would be for the exhibition, then on the side it would be selling digitally printed posters to raise extra money for the charity, these posters would also be smaller.

Creating these illustrations have taken longer than I thought, and whilst drawing them, I started to investigate into how I will be portraying the animals, black on coloured stock, full colour on white stock, detailed illustrations or minimal. There was a lot to think about therefore I decided to ask this question in a crit. Whether it would be appropriate to use the method of screen printing, or just to digitally print. Also what looks best, having full animal prints or black on coloured stock. The feedback I received made me think about the time I have left and what I could produce in this time. I have also been told that the black on coloured stock is really effective, as it is different to others. Therefore I think that this is what I will go for.

After doing the Tiger, I thought about how this would work with the other animals, and whether I would be able to use this method for all of my animals. I think that the Sea Turtle would be the hardest to do therefore I thought I would try it first. This method is deffinitley the most effectve way of illustrating these animals.

I started to also play with the idea of having eyes on the elephants, looking at whether having coloured eyes would make more of a statement, this is also something that I asked in my crits. I found that people suggested that with the tiger the eyes worked really well and made the design better, although the other animals it hindered the design and I should try different colours.

After trying out other colours I have decided that it works better if don't include an eye colour.

The posters work really well together, I have found colours for each of the animals which I think look the best, although I will be printing black onto coloured paper, which means that the colours will vary, although I will be looking for stock similar to these colours, unless I find colours more suitable.

When printing my posters, becasue they are going onto coloured paper I needed to make all the colours go and just black and white. I am really happy with the posters I have produced, this will give a better understanding of the sort of exhibition it will be, by showing examples of the animals that will be shown, and works that will be shown.

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