Monday, 19 May 2014

Animal Packs

Animal Packs and Products.
What I was most excited about with this brief was making the animal packs. I think making an example of what the packs would be like is important, and if I can produce more than one, that is a bonus. The packs themselves are not like any adoption pack, they will tell you how your helping, and all of the proceeds go to the animals and preserving their habitats. In each pack I want to include a small teddy, an A4 poster of the animal they have chosen, something interactive, like a colouring book or something like that to do with the animal, I want to have a small fact book and a s-shirt. Although ambitious I think that it is definitely doable, as it is something I will enjoy doing. I will try and get at least one done, then maybe two if the first one goes well, these would be used to show what the packs would look like.

Elephant Fact Book.
This book include different facts about elephants in general, then some about more specific endangered elephants. I have adapted some of the information used in the main exhibition guide to create this book, and then more from other sources I have found.

Gorilla Fact Book.
Rather than making just one I found the information really interesting and decided that I would make a gorilla fact book too. The reason why I chose these two animals is becasue I think that they work best on the t-shirts I have made, also they are my favourite illustrations. Therefore I thought I would use these two as my examples.

To have something interactive in the pack I thought that a scratch off foil with a tool would be appropriate for this pack, and becasue it is an elephant it works really well. I intend for my gorilla pack interactive piece to have a similar aesthetic, having the logo and information in the bottom corner.

This is the pack so far for the the elephant, I think that this would be enough for going into the pack, I will be deciding on the price of the packs when I figure out how much I would charge individually, this price will appear on my design boards.

The Packs.
The final packs that I have created I am really happy with. I think that they have a good balance of information about the animals of their choice and interactive things. They are different to other packs as they don't include lots of pictures and stickers, they just include things that I think everybody will need. I have really enjoyed making these packs and if I were to do this brief again I would have kept going and made all of the packs, and focused on this part of my exhibition more.

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