Sunday, 4 May 2014


I have decided that I want to produce some animals T-shirts. They will be used for both the uniform and to sell to raise more money in the exhibition. The uniform for the staff at the exhibition is used so that each member of staff is a specialist of different animals, and the animal that they have on their top will be the animal they have a lot of information about. This means that they will be there to offer a lot of information about each of the animals. Selling the t-shirts in the animals packs will help raise money, they will also be available in multiple different sizes, colours and animals, sold separately.

I thought about the different options for making the t-shirts, and if I were to produce the t-shirts for the real exhibition I think I might screen print onto them so they could be a higher quality. Although after finding out what would work for this project showing how it would all work, I thought that it would be better to use iron on printing paper. This means that the process will be a lot quicker too, although the size of the design is limited to A4, although that is big enough for what I am wanting.


I am really happy with the quality of the t-shirts, I thought that they would look like they have been stuck on, but I have they have actually worked really well.

These are examples of how the uniform would look on a member of staff, showing them stood next to certain prints. These photographs have been taken simply to show how the uniform would work, as the images would be a lot larger than this.

I really like all of the t-shirts, I think that this idea has worked really well, and I am glad I went through with it. I have tried to keep the t-shirts the same material, there are a few boys t-shirts and others are girl t-shirts. Although they will all work unisex anyway. I have tried to keep the colour of the t-shirts similar to the colour of the posters so that people in the exhibition make an immediate link between the two.

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