Tuesday, 20 May 2014


For my publication I started to research into endangered animals as I believe that something need to be  done to help them, and it is something I am really interested in. I decided to create a publication based on investigating into who is helping these animals and what is being done, I also looked into what threats the animals suffer from, and I think making a piece of information graphics allows the information to come across more clearly and more interesting.

For the next brief  I decided that an exhibition would be most appropriate for my subject as I want to create awareness of these animals. I also want to raise money for them and show people how they can help change what is happened and stop any more animals becoming extinct. When thinking about the exhibition I have looked into where and when it could take place, the exhibition ephemera needed for it, the branding and identity of the charity itself, and what I can include for the exhibition to raise more money for the good cause, for example the animal packs. For this brief I have focused on the content of the exhibition including the posters the packs and things that would be on sale, but I have also branded the exhibition and the created promotional material for it, and a charity branding . This is covering Product and Packaging, Branding and Identity, and Information, and Promotion.

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