Friday, 16 May 2014

Ticket Development

Exhibition Tickets.
Thinking about my exhibition tickets, I want them to be the kind of tickets that people want to keep, and that are quite interactive. Although I don't want to create really extravagant designs, or packaging for my tickets, as I think that it would be inappropriate for my charity, it would be money wasted on tickets when it could be used on the endangered animals themselves.

I want the tickets to be similar to the exhibition posters, having black ink on coloured stock. This will keep the consistency throughout the exhibition. I also think that I could make the ticket interactive for people by having half of the animal faces on them so that if you hold it to your face you could be half a gorilla or tiger or even an elephant. Having different tickets for different day would also work well for my exhibition.
After producing my logo, I was able to experiment with placing this on the tickets, and finding what I'm actually going to do with them.

Playing with the different layouts and arranging the information in different ways means that I can find out what will look best for the tickets. I am planning on having a tear off side to the ticket where people can write their information, this is so that their can be a raffle draw and the winner will get a free t-shirt of their choosing. This will entice people more into going to the exhibition. I think that the design works well, although I should probably use one colour for the whole exhibition rather than lost of different colours.

Blue is a good colour for the exhibition, it is the colour of the branding and the website and think that it is appropriate for everything. Printing out the tickets allowed me to see the size and how they would work if I were to perforate them. I am really happy with the tickets and I think that adding a back onto them with the terms and conditions or a short message will make them a lot better, also so that the people who buy the tickets know what their money is going towards and that the tickets are non refundable.

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