Sunday, 18 May 2014

Exhibition Guide

Guide for the Exhibition.
For the exhibition I think that it is important for there to be a guide, this is so that people who come to the exhibition will learn about the animals and the threats that they have and how they are endangered and hoe they got to where they are now. Thinking about how much I would charge for the guides, I started by thinking that I shouldn't charge for them but instead have a donation box by the side of them, and insist that a donation is made if you want a exhibition guide. As they are quite detailed information books.

For the exhibition I have decided that I want to keep it simple, with the illustration and poster on the right hand side, with the information about the animals on the left hand side. All of the information I have got is adapted from the information I have found about each of the animals. I think that it is quite interesting and there is a lot of information, this means that people will hopefully donate at least £1-2 when picking up a guide.

The exhibition itself is called, 'You Can Help!' therefore the first and last page of the exhibition guide show the name, this reenforces the notion that people can help out!

I have used the same grid and layout for all of the pages, this keeps them consistent as I don't think that having something really out there and creative as it wouldn't be appropriate for my subject.

These are the front covers that I have thought about, this means that people will be able to chose which one they want when they come in and would also match the other exhibition ephemera.

I have had many printing problems when producing this. If I were to do this again I would make sure that I set up the document correctly.

This is what the publication looked like when it was printed about bound. I think that the cover works really well on this publication, and is fitting with the rest of the exhibition.

I have decided to use metallic thread to bind the publication, this gives it more decoration to the publication.

The Guide.

I am really happy with the exhibition guide, it is full of helpful information, and goes really well with the actual exhibition itself. The cover explains itself therefore I don't think that it need a title.

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