Thursday, 1 May 2014

Ititial Ideas

Exhibition Ideas.
When I started designing my publication about endangered animals I thought about creating an exhibition that could help raise awareness and money to help them. I want to produce life like illustrations for the exhibition of the different animals that I have researched. After receiving studio brief two I realised that this is something I could actually produce.

I started to think about creating an exhibition and what I would be trying to do with it, for example, inform or educate. I also thought about what I would produce, would I be producing the products that I would be selling in the exhibition to raise more money, or producing the ephemera for the exhibition itself like tickets and posters e.t.c.

I need to think about the target audience for my exhibition. I think that there is a mass amount of people that are passionate about animals and protecting them, there are also a lot of people who are interested in helping but don't necessarily know a lot about it. My target audience will be for men women and children, people who are passionate or interested in animals, and helping contribute towards preserving the species. Although this is a specific audience, there are a lot of people who want to help but just don't know how. My exhibition would give people the opportunity to help, but also allow them to find out more information about the species that are endangered, and what can be done to prevent extinction.

These are the sort of things I am wanting to produce for my exhibition. I need to establish whether I would be creating my own charity for endangered animals or whether I would be using one that already exists such as WWF. I will need info graphics for the exhibition so that I can create awareness for it. I am also considering making adaption packs, or something similar, maybe something like an specific animal exhibition packs. Buying one of these packs wouldn't contribute to one animal in particular like an adoption pack would, it would contribute to the preservation of animal habitats.

I thought that my exhibition could include endangered animals facts on each of the walls of the exhibition, so I started to look into different facts, but I think that it could look a bit tacky on the walls. This is something I will have to work on looking into further.

For my exhibition I want to include a publication, it will inform people of the animals in the exhibition, the threats that they face and how they can help. I want my publication to have a similar layout to my 16 page publication, keeping the layouts simple and constant throughout the publication. Although I think that the aesthetic that my current publication has would be appropriate for my exhibition, as I would like it to be more life like.

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