Saturday, 3 May 2014

Logo Development

I have been looking into other charity logos and what they entail, I also thought about the message I want to portray through the logo. I have decided that I want my charity to be called 'Animal Safe House' this is becasue it will be helping endangered animals, by preserving the habitats they live in, as this is a major threat to endangered animals.
After making all of my animal posters I thought that I could use one of my animals for the logo. I think that it is important for me to have an animal in my logo as it sends a really strong message. The gorilla was most suitable for this, as I could simplify the illustration so that there is less detail, which means I would be able to scale it up and down without it looking any different.

Font Experiments.
I decided that I would go on my font book so that I could type in 'Animal Safe House' and see which one looks most appropriate. I want to use a sans serif typeface so that it is striped back and simple, it would work best for my charity.

I have decided to use Arial Black as it is bold and sans serif. I tried out using the words 'Animal Safe House' and also tried using the acronym of it. After asking a few of my peers for their opinions, I have found that it works best using the acronyms, this reminds people of charities, as most charities do this. The logo will work on its own, but can also work with the 'A.S.H' in it.

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