Saturday, 17 May 2014

Exhibition Ephemera

Posters for the Exhibition.
I want the same theme to run through all of my printed ephemera for the exhibition. The posters need to have the name of the charity on them, the logo, the name of the exhibition, the time and ate and where the tickets can be bought.

I have included all the appropriate information for the poster and I think that the message comes across really well in the name of the exhibition.

Again I will be printing the final exhibition posters onto coloured stock, this will minimise the cost if it were to be mass produced, which means more money in the charity will go to actually helping the endangered animals. I have tried printing them out on many different coloured stocks to see which would look best, but I think that they would look better on the coloured stock so that it is more consistent.

I purchased some wristbands online so that when people come to the exhibition they will exchange their ticket tear off for the raffle, for a wristband. I am wanting to print onto the wristbands, although the material is very glossy and I'm not sure that the ink will stay on the stock, and if it does, I don't know whether it will dry.
I decided to test out whether the ink would set onto the wristbands by sticking them to a sheet of A4 paper and sending it through a printer.

This is what the wristbands looked like after printing them. I think that they have worked quite well, although they have taken about two days two actually dry. I want the face of the gorilla to be chopped and changed through each wristband to go with the tickets, and poster of the exhibition, so I think that these work really well.

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