Wednesday, 1 January 2014

100 - Logo Design

Designing my Logo.
Thinking about a name for my shop is hard because I want it to be quirky but at the same time I want it to be something to do with 100 and the quote 'I have 100 things to do'.
I started by brainstorming names and doodling a few different logos to see if anything looked good. I tried working on paper, but I find it a lot easier to do development of designs digitally, it is quicker and if it goes wrong you can just undo, therefore I decided to go digital to try different logos.
I tried to make all of the words fit in a certain sized box, I thought that it would work well together, although after doing it I found that the words all looked very random, the 'I have" looks way too big.
Making the 'I have' smaller so that it is the same point size makes the '100' stand out more but doesn't look good for a logo, its not communicating the right message.
I thought about maybe trying the whole quote but that doesn't work either. I have found this looks really serious and formal, which isn't the message I am trying to send either.
I decided to try and make the logo more fun and attractive. I have found that bolder fonts may look more appealing for a younger audience, but probably not an older audience. As my target is 14-27 years it would probably be more appropriate to use a younger logo, to attract younger people.

100 Things To Do. Could play on the letters of To Do, both have a 'o' on the end, could link them together?
Having a an outline on the letters and having them overlap gives them a 3D look. Therefore giving it a bolder look whilst using a minimal sans serif font. Although having just ToDo doesn't use '100' in the name, which I want to do, it also doesn't say a lot about the business.

This looks better as it has 100 in it, although I think that the emphasis is on the 'o's, I think that it would look it the 10TD were filled with colour and look more prominent.

Through lots of development of the logo I have found that I could have the ToDo as a logo and the wording around it, with a good balance of the words it allows the logo to look balanced. Although if you read it, it doesn't make sense for the lettering to be where it is, but on the other side, if you put it all on the top or the bottom of the logo, it look uneven, and unbalanced.

I test the logo that I thought looked best on document, as if it were a cover of a notebook, but it doesn't read right or too right. I think that the actual 'ToDo' looks good and is appropriate for the target audience and the shop itself, but I think it need '100' in it somewhere.
I finally came to this logo which I am happy with, it has both 100 and ToDo in it, the colour works well as it is inviting for both genders. It sends the message that the shop is about 100 Things To Do, and about order, the colour is fun and inviting, this will work well for my business. I think the only way to now see if it does work, will be to apply it to some branding of the business for example business cards and things.

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