Sunday, 26 January 2014

Interim Evaluation

At the end of the final crit for our main brief, we were asked to write an interim evaluation, evaluating the module at this point, from what I aimed to achieve to what I have actually achieved.

When I started this module, I was initially quite worried about how I would do a minimum of 5 individual briefs. At the start of the module the pressure of choosing our own briefs was very high, although I found that when I started actually doing the briefs I really enjoyed the fact that I was able to choose what I wanted to do.

I wanted to do a range of larger and smaller briefs, and I think I did that well as I have larger and smaller briefs for competitions and live briefs. I also wanted to take advantage of the fact that I could choose my own briefs, and do more of the kind of briefs I enjoy doing, rather than things I’m not so keen on like we often have to do with other briefs.

The Body Shop is the main brief I decided to go for, after going through the brief, I decided to change the target audience and adapt the brief slightly without completely changing it. I planned to have my main brief finished by this point but due to the fact that some of the other briefs I started have a sooner deadline. I decided that I would prioritize the briefs with the closest deadline.

I have started doing The Pink Teapot live brief, as the business cards and menu needed doing quickly, I decided to prioritize this brief over The Body Shop as that dealing isn’t for another two months. I have also done one competition brief for Tigerprint and another live brief for an avatar design. I think that at this point I thought that I would have got more briefs done, which means that I need to organise my time better and do more briefs.

This module for far has helped me to develop my skills and develop as a designer. I have found more of what I am interested in. I have also gained experience with working with clients, as I have never done a live brief before or worked with a real client. This is something that I wanted to get out of doing this module, experiencing working with real clients. Overall I think that this module has been a success although I think that I need to work a bit harder and more efficiently to meet my targets.

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