Friday, 31 January 2014

PTP - Menu Development

Menu Design.
The Pink Teapot is in need of some new menu's being designed, this is because the the owner, Sonya, is putting up the prices of some foods and drinks, also it was done by Sonya and she wants a designer to 'fix' them.

The Current Menu.
This is the current menu for The Pink Teapot, I thought that is would be useful to see the current menu, to see what their aesthetic is. Looking through the menu I noticed that menu isn't very consistent, there are some parts that are bold, different fonts used on different sides of the menu, and basically I don't really like it and neither does Sonya, who did it herself on word.


This is a paninis, it is something that is sold in the cafe, although I think it need something adding, as it just looks like a sandwich right now.

Adding lines on the top shows where it has been cooked making it more clear that it is a Panini.

I decided to use the first paninis as a template and put different filling in each of them that are sold in the cafe.

From my research on cafe menu's (see context blog) I found something that I really liked and think that it could work well in The Pink Teapot.

This is the kind of aesthetic I was going for when looking at the menus for the cafe. Although when putting them together and laying it out I have found that I don't think it would be appropriate for the cafe, it looks slightly childlike and tacky. This is not the aesthetic that the client is looking for, therefore I think that I will try other things.

I think that a constatine would work well for the cafe, although I think that Sonya wants the menus to be laminated therefore I will need to look into whether or not laminated paper will fold.

Using a grid system I have laid out each of the pages in a similar way to keep it consistent. I think that this is more appropriate for the Pink Teapot, it is suitable for the target audience whilst still looking good and doing its job.

This is the menu design digitally produced. Although I thin that I should print off a menu to see what it looks like printed, I also need to print one off to take to Sonya so that she can read through it, approve the design, spell check and check the prices to make sure they are all correct before sending them away to print.

The menu worked really well when it was printed, even when it was just printed out on my printer at home, therefore I am excited to see what they will look like being professionally printed.

I printed it out smaller so that I could see what it looked like being printed double sided as I have a double sided printer, although I think that I need to print off a larger copy, one that is the actual size.

I also printed off a menu that would be the actual size.although the print went wrong as it wasn't in line, but this is ok because it is just being used as an example to show what size the menu will be. The feedback I received from Sonya about the menu's is that they were exactly what she is looking for and there were just a few things that she wanted to change about the wording of the menu, then they can be sent off for printing. 

 Mock Ups.
I have created mock ups for the client to see what they would look like when they are printed before I sent them off for print. Although I have already sent the designs off to print as the menus were one of the mandatory requirements that Sonya needed for February.

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