Saturday, 4 January 2014

Character Heads

After receiving the brief from The Pink Teapot, I started to think about what I was going to do for them and how I would do it. I think that for the business cards I want to include some sort of illustration of Sonya, the owner, on the back, as she is the face of the business. As I have worked there for several years I know that this would be appropriate for the business and the customers would really enjoy it.

I started by creating the basic face outline. Sonya has quite a round face, therefore I want the character to resemble her. She also has a nose piercing therefore I want to add this onto the design, but only a small elegant one. The smile has to be large as she is always smiling and happy to see people, this is something I want to get across.

She has blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She has very fair hair and her eyebrows are really faint, therefore I think that the character looks ok without eyebrows at all. She has very long eyelashes and is always fresh faced. I think that the character is bringing this across well.

Last but not least she wears a pink polka dotted tea towel around her whole head with a big bow on the front. This is exactly what I was picturing to produce for Sonya, and think it resembles her really well.

I wanted to create a winking face, as she is always having banter with the customers, although when doing this I found that I couldn't make it look creepy, which is what the character looks like now.

 From experimenting with the winking faces, I found that creating two eyes like this look like she is laughing or just really happy. This is the look I am wanting to go for, for Sonya's character, as she is always happy and smiling and is the inviting face that welcomes customers into The Pink Teapot.

After creating Sonya's character I showed the client and she absolutely loved them both, and suggested that I should make characters for the other two main employees that work with her at The Pink Teapot. This is something that I was happy to do as I really enjoy creating characters. And because I know Sonya, Ruby and Lisa really well, I was able to create them from memory.

Overall I am really happy with the Pink Teapot brief so far. I really enjoyed creating these illustrations and it is something I want to do more of. Also I will be able to use the illustrations throughout the brief and I they are something that the client is very pleased with and is excited to see what I will be doing with them.

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