Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Web Workshop 3

The Workshop;
In this workshop we were working on the concept of our websites, what we are wanting to achieve and what content we are going to put on  the website. We started by making lists about what is going on the website, and what links would be coming off each things.

The first diagram I have done was very confusing and hard to follow, the lists I made were very cluttered with arrows therefore I will have to redo this diagram to make it more clear. I decided to go from my home page to occasions rather than going to products, this is because of the session I did the other day, it made it clear in my head what I should be doing on my website and what my content should be.

I decided to draw up more of a mind map of my pages, something that would make it more clear, as it is currently confusing in my mind and on paper. After thinking about whet everything will be linked to, I need to consider what will be on each page, and whether they will link together. For example the Cards will all link together, and all of the Ribbons will link together.

As my website idea is a lot clearer, I decided to write what my actual content will be, as I will be hand making all the cards, and products myself, I needed to think about what will be written in the description and things below the product. I have looked into what other sites have written for their descriptions and found that I should write it all down so I could have a clearer mind.

Some of the content;
  • Description
  • Delivery
  • Return
  • Occasion
  • Product code
  • Ask the seller?
  • How to make?
  • Quantity
  • Dimensions
  • Materials
We then drew up homepages, something that will incorporate the work that we have done in this session. Drawing up a mock of a homepage and allowing people to crit it will give me feedback on my ideas so that I can improve them. I tried to label my work thoroughly so that when people were criting my mock, they can see why I was doing what I was doing.

The Feedback;
  • Very well thought out design, good aesthetics and looks informative.
  • Like the rotating panel of card designs, you've kept the theme consistent, good interaction with the audience with the 'how to make'.
  • Does the 'how to make' section need to be on the home page or can it be in a separate section of the website? Overall the design is interesting, but I feel like it might look a little cluttered with the drop down menus.
  • Very straight forward concept but design is too blocky and to a level simple. Try something a little less corporate!
Of the four pieces of feedback I got from my homepage mock, I found that a coupe of them are really helpful, and have given me something to think about. 'Try something a little less corporate' is something I will bare in mind, although I want my website to be quite simple I also want it to be effective, therefore don't want it to be too cluttered, and also more creative as it is for hand crafted things. Also the comment about the 'how to make' I thought about having it on a separate page, but this isn't my final design, I still don't know exactly where everything is going to go, although after this feedback I think that it might be better if I had a separate page. This feedback is very helpful, and I can now adapt my ideas, so that it is more presentable and appropriate, also adapt it so that the website will be successful.

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