Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Web Workshop 2

The Session;
During this workshop we started by working in groups discussing different questions, then opened it up the the entire class, so we could find more information and find out what people thought. I found in this workshop, I don't know a lot about web design at all, therefore this was a good way for me to learn more.

What are the common conventions of navigation?
  • Homepage
  • Links
  • Menu bar - left hand side
  • Scrolling
  • Search bar
  • Drop down bar
  • Facebook/Twitter links - social networking
  • Logo/name
  • Home button
  • Breadcrumbs - extra links
  • Auto updates - intuitive to the user
  • Navigation indicators
What are uncommon conventions of navigation?
  • Type to search - designspiration
  • Menu at right side or bottom
  • Holding page
  • Scrolling - no link involved
  • Eye tracker
  • 3D view
  • Voice
  • Disappearing menu bar
  • Landing pages
  • Dynamic content scrolling
We then moved onto applying these to diagrams and flow charts linked to our web design subject.
Flow Diagram - "Schematic representation of a process which can give a step by step solution to a given problem. We started to make our own flow diagrams;

When I started to make my first flow diagram, I went with my first idea, the idea that I thought I wanted to do, the idea I used for my scamps for the web session with Simon. Although when I started to link the pages together I realised that they all link to each other, and I became aware that I was thinking about this the wrong way. I should be looking at the occasions rather than the products.

After deciding this I thought that I would approach the flow diagram in a different way, I went for using my 5 pages as, home, birthdays, valentines day, Christmas and mother/fathers day. This allows me to think of my web design brief in a different way, and allows me to produce less products but still have a large content for my website.

We then took the five different websites we chose and found the grid in them;

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