Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Web Workshop 1

The Session;
Content for website;
  • What is your subject matter?
  • What are you trying to communicate?
  • Who will be/could be your audience or 'end-user'?
  • What will be the most appropriate/effective form of content?
  • What is the function and purpose?
What sector/industry you would be designing for?
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Health and welbeing
  • Sport and fitness
  • Music industry
  • Travel and tourism
Make mind maps, notes, linear plans, anything that you can think of to get the information in your head own on paper, organise your thoughts, and show everything that is going on, every link, every stupid idea, and every good one.

When thinking about designing a website, always think about; who, what, why, and how? these are the questions you should have answered before even think about the design, some of the answers may change as you are designing, but that will just happen.
Mind Maps;
For my first mind map I decided to just get all of my general information down on paper. I wanted to answer all of the questions, my subject matter, my audience, the content, the purpose and what I am trying to communicate. This is a good way for me to get all my thoughts down onto paper, so I could think about what I was going to do.

I then thought further into what I wanted on my website, whether I wanted hand crafted cards or digital cards, whether I wanted my cards to be funny or serious. The tone of voice of my product will effect the website itself. I started to think about what I wanted on my website, showing the different roads I could go down, which stimulated many ideas in my head, and I now have a good idea of where I am going to take this project.

I found myself coming out of this workshop with a clearer idea of what I wanted to do for my web design, and what the content should be, although I have also come out with questions and things I need to research more on, and find out more about before I can have a definite idea of what I want to do.

Things to look further into;
  • Look at websites related to my content.
  • Think about why they are designed like that.
  • Look at the design rather than the content.
  • Do qualitative and quantitative research, primary and secondary research, segmentation (looking at the audience), focus groups, visual research.
Print off 5 of what I consider to be the best deisgn and bring it into session next week.
  • Relate to my subject or design I like
  • A3 and Colour
  • Why is it good? Why do we like it?

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