Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Print Workshop

The Session;
In this session we had to discuss the six different aspects we have to consider when designing for print, find out what everyone has discovered and the different things which people in our group found for each section.

Magazines - CD Inserts - Flyers - Posters - Business Cards
The way you chose to arrange or layout the final outcome of your print, considering scale and size.

Monochrome - CMYK - One colour to full colour
Appropriate to the audience and other contributing/relevant factors in design, considering colour modes, hues and function.

Die Cut - Bookbinding - Folding
Hard to define the difference between Production and Process, we thought that it is the way the printed piece is made/assembled after the printing process. It is the actual making of the it, and can be considered to be the whole thing, the process from start to finish.

Digital - Screen Print - Inkjet
The chosen way to print, the inks on the paper/stock itself, can be known as the actual method.

Metal - Wood - Paper - Card - Plastic
The material the design is applied to, have to consider cost during this part, it could be a substrate for printing.

Foiling - Embossing - Spot Varnish
Anything that is extra/additional process, yo make the final product. It can be both the production and the process.

Our group came up with a sentence to sum it up. "All processes of design can be defined separately, although to produce successful design all processes need to work together. (synthesis)

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