Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Scampts for Web Design Session

We made some scamps for our websites, what we thoguht our website was going to look lie, I want to keep mine simple, yet effective, this is what I have gone for with my scamps.

I designed these scamps after my first web session, since then I have changed the way I want my website to look, as I no longer am going to have the products on the homepage, I am going to organise my website through occasions instead, as I think it would work better and would be more appropriate. We all went round each others scamps and wrote our feedback on some of them, this is so that we can improve our scamps.

  • Navigation should remain consistent and visible through all of the pages, also make sure it is easy to locate. Want to be playful and create something unique although don't want it to be not productive and accessible.
  • First one would work best with grid, its most understandable and aesthetically organised but third one will probably be best for useability, maybe try and mix one and three.
Although my idea has slightly changed for how I wanted to present my information, I still think that this process and the feedback I got was helpful, as it gives me a good insight as to what idea I should use for my website design.

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