Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Concept Workshop

The Workshop;
Concept is a plan or intention, it is an idea or invention to help sell or publicize a commodity.

In groups we had to choose three things from Jar 1, then one thing from Jar 2, discuss which one of the three things we want to use from jar one, and create a concept.

Jar 1;
  • Pipe
  • Ball
  • Abacus
Jar 2;
  • Hotel
As a group we decided to take each of the words are explore what we could do with each of them, what that word reminded us of and where we could take it. This was a good exercise as it made us realise that all of our words were related, therefore we if we chose Abacus, we could use ball and pipe in our concept.

After deciding that we were going to chose the word Abacus and create a concept using that word to design a hotel, we thought that mind maping our thoughts would be the best way to see all the information. As a group we wrote down all of our ideas and a few were mentioned that I really liked, for example Jake suggested that an Abacus is a physical thing, and it is using your senses, therefore the hotel should be something to do with physically experiencing things. Also after Jamie said that the plural for Abacus is Abaci, Sam suggested having a hotel for the blind, this would be a good idea as the hotel could be called Abaci, and there could be brail everywhere, showing a physical experience for people.

After Sam's suggestion I decided to try and draw a logo for the hotel, showing both the eye, and the abacus in the eye, using the pupil as one of the units on an abacus. Although the group developed new ideas therefore this logo is irrelevant.

When discussing the concept we changed our idea and target audience a few time, although by the end of it, whilst researching into rooms in the shape of circles, we decided that we wanted the guests to have a real unique experience at the hotel, therefore we want it to be outdoors, and in the trees, in hanging balls. The target audience for our hotel is people who want to experience something unique, people who are active or think that they would enjoy the experience.

Jake's Logos

Jamie's Logos
Harrison's Logos
Whilst some of us were creating the powerpoint, some others were experimenting with different logos we could use for the concept. As it is just a concept workshop, we could be as experimental as we liked, as we wouldn't have to actually produce anything, therefore having a logo makes the hotel seem more real and believable, also it gives people a better idea of what we are trying to achieve. We decided to use one of Jake's logos as it was simple yet effective.

After choosing the logo we decided on a colour theme, this was chosen as we wanted it to be earthy and eco friendly to match our concept, but we also didn't want to colour to be too bland. These colours are also gender friendly and not too boring, this is exactly the kind of message we are trying to send, suitable for anyone up for a unique experience, eco friendly, and in with nature.

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