Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Body Shop:Analysis of the Brief

The Body Shop

What's the problem?
Body Shop feels that they need to re-establish the original beauty pioneers, and show their ethical views and pioneering spirit.

What is the brief asking you to do?

Make 5 A2 posters for the shop windows to promote 4 products and a social campaign poster idea.

What is the brief trying to achieve?
Trying to achieve more sales and re-establish the identity of Body Shop, showing people that they were the first cosmetics brand to be recognised under the Humane Cosmetics Standards.

Who will benefit?
The Body Shop

What is the message your trying to deliver?
How The Body Shop is eco friendly, animal cruelty free and vegetarian. Also trying to convey the identity of The Body Shop through Posters showing its quirky tone of voice.

Who is the audience?
Primarily female but not exclusively, age 18-35.

How will the message be delivered?

Through 5 A2 posters for the shop windows.

Can you see a problem with this?
A poster might not be able to show all that they want to show, although they also want you to explore at least one other channel to use, therefore this could solve that. There is also a lot of things that Body Shop have done. it may be hard to find things that they haven't done yet.

Why have you chosen the brief?

I have chosen this brief because I like The Body Shop and what it stands for, therefore I think that I will get into this brief as I'm passionate about it. Also being someone from their target audience means that I have a good insight into what to do for them.

What do you want to get out of the brief?
I want to broaden my knowledge on the subject, also experience a competition brief, as I have never done one before.

What do you want to do/make/propose in response to the brief?
I want to make posters for the different products and one for the campaign, I also might create something that can be used in store, for example a publication, to find the most economical products or something related to the to my campaign.

What do you need to do/make/propose? 
Make 5 posters and something else to support one of the posters.

Initial ideas;
I started by looking into each of the products they are asking you to promote and finding out what makes them all unique, and just writing down the basic points about each of them, this allows me to see what each of them has in common and what I can do to make each poster unique.

I then started to think about what I should do for my social campaign, and wrote down a few of my initial ideas. Think about about what I should do for my other medium, which I thought could be a publication available in store, which is something that links to the campaign poster.

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