Sunday, 17 November 2013

Print Initial Ideas

Initial Ideas.
For this brief we have to create a print pack/manual showing whoever our audience what we think they would want to know about print.

I started by mind mapping the different things I need to think about when creating a pack/manual. I started by looking into creating a how to... but I thought that this is an idea most people would have, so looked at the audience. The audience can define what your designing and why your designing it, therefore I thought I could work from that.

Using the six main stages of printing, Format, Colour, Stock, Process, Production, and Finishes, I thought I could make a considerations pack, looking at what people need to consider when they are wanting to print or design something. I could create three publications, what to consider before printing, what to consider during printing, and what to consider after printing. I also thought about adding a blank notebook in there too, so that when people are designing their work, and thinking about what they are going to do for a brief, or thinking about where to start, they can have a notebook, to jot ideas down in.

I started to look into the different things I could put into my publications and how I would package my publications. I thought that I could create a boxset sized/type things, as my target audience is students on design courses, I thought that a lot of students will have DVD's, therefore they could put this publication with their DVD's, and I could make all the publications to that size.

I decided against this idea and started looking into making 6 simple publication, one about each of the main areas of print. These publications would also be considerations books, they would have the same purpose as the before, during, after books, apart from there would be six and they will be more specific.

Looking into what I am going to put in my publications and the definition of what each things is, gives me a better understanding of how I am going to design my books, and what is going to go inside them.

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