Wednesday, 4 December 2013

ISTD Brief Re-write

The session;
During this session we have to choose three briefs which we thought we could use, the ones I choose were 100, Three Minutes and Not Just Flerons. We went through all of the brief underlining what we thought was important, which words stood out to us. This is where we found that all of these brief had been written badly and were very fluffy. I chose 100 for the brief I am going to do my print and web on, even though it is written terribly, I think that I could do something with it.

If you live to be one hundred years old in the United Kingdom you should receive a birthday card from the Queen. If you are the fastest person on earth it is because you have run 100 metres faster that anyone else and, if you get 100% in the assessment of this project – you are (to say the least) an excellent typographic designer. 100 is a benchmark for achievement.
The decimal system is integral to how we lead our lives but 100 has a certain aura – it is a special number. Similarly the word century has an historic significance. The Romans organised their troops into centuries of up to 100 men, with a centurian in charge of them. We distinguish dates and history by centuries and a century in cricket merits special applause as does a player’s 100th goal for their team.
The Brief
You are required to interpret the number 100. Widely available research resources offer you reference and data that offer a broad spectrum
of opportunities. Content could be educational, explanations of events, historical or social discoveries or developments, sporting records
or achievements. We want to see an innovative idea that not only intrigues us but also informs us.
Choose a format that is appropriate for your subject matter and your target market.
You could create a timeline in a broadsheet,
a time-based piece, a website, a series of booklets/leaflets, a part-work or a complete publication containing all the content.
The main criteron is that your design should reflect the significance of the number 100 and that you express clear typographic control of
the navigation of the information content.
Target Market
Define your market, and how you will target it,
in your Strategy.
• Research and Development
• Strategy
• Specifications/Grid(s)
• Dummy/Prototype(s)
• Presentation
Cross-reference this project brief with the ‘Assessment Criteria’ sheet.
Submissions will only be accepted
in one robust portfolio no larger
than a2.

Things I know about 100...
  • Celebrate 100
  • Interpret 100 - sports - education - history - e.t.c.
  • Achievements - could look into the olympics
  • 100% - the full amount - feeling good
  • A century
  • 100 is a target - reach that age - round number

Facts about the audience...
  • People trying to be informed
  • Poeple who are trying to educate
  • People with obsessions of 100
  • People who are positive '100%'
  • People interested in high achievements

Things I want to communicate...
  • Celebrate 100 things/years/anything
  • Promoting 100 things/years/anything
  • Educating about 100 things
  • Branding on 100 things or about 100 things
  • Info graphics about 100 things/years/anything

Things I don't know about this brief...
  • I dont know specifically who my audience is
  • Educational? Informative? Persuasive?
  • Subject that I'm designing for
  • Unsure of content
  • Unsure of format - very broad

Problems I could solve...
  • Need to define brief
  • Not actually asking you to solve anything.

100 re-write in the session;
The brief;
Celebrate the number 100, 100 things/years/people?
Design a website, series of booklets/leaflets or a publication, whatever is appropriate for subject matter and audience.
Inform target audience of 100 things which should be celebrated.
Create a brand and produce multiple different print methods to inform my audience.
100 years old.
100 is the benchmark of achievement.
Dates in histroy.
Medal in the Olympics.
100 is a special number.
Someones 100th goal/sale/achievement.
Target Audience;
People who are interested in this subject matter.
People who want to celebrate achievements of others.
Tone of Voice;
Dependent on subject matter.
Consider different print methods.
Consider tone of voice.
Consider target audience and appropriate methods to communicate to them.
How it would apply to online methods - website or mobile app.
Design should reflect the significance of the number 100.
Include type in the design, but not purely type design.
Mandatory Requirements;
Multiple printed methods of branding.
Proposed website designs.

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