Wednesday, 18 December 2013

ISTD - 100 Ideas

Narrowing down 100.
When I chose the brief '100' I thought that because it was so broad I would have a lot of subjects to chose from, so I could do what ever I want and it would be easy. When I started thinking about what I wanted to do, I thought about looking into sports and celebrating different achievements to do with 100 in sports. After the initial crit discussing ideas I decided that it wouldn't be the best thing to do to go with sports.

Usain Bolt getting the 100 metre world record.
The Olympics is such as huge thing, and its a time where no matter what everyone comes together to celebrate the Olympics, this is something that I could go into, trying to keep up the spirit for four years. Or I could make a pack looking at everyone's achievements in the Olympics and celebrating them. Or I could just focus on Usain Bolt as he is well known for breaking the world record for 100 meters in the London Olympics.

Celebrating 100 greatest sports moments.
I could create a publication celebrating the top 100 greatest sport moment, the ones that everyone knows and I would just be reminding people what happened, when it happened, it could be a collectors item. The only problem with doing something like this is that there is a lot of information to be found and a short amount of time to do it, also if I miss a major sport moment in time, it wouldn't be very successful. This could also spread into having an event to celebrate sports, could be large and could happen around the country, or it could be for schools, celebrating sports, as it will help children to see what they could do too.

A brief history of 100 years.
100 years ago was the start or WW1, this is a massive moment in time, something everyone knows bout and no one forgets about. I could create a memorial publication, something that people can keep and treasure, a lot of people lost loved ones in the war, therefore it would mean a lot to a lot of people, to most people it would mean a lot.

I could also create a publication that states the most memorable thing that happened in that year for the past 100 years. This could include the start which would be 1914 - WW1, to 2013 - Nelson Mandella died. Although when I first saw the brief 100 I thought about celebrating something, but this subject could be a bit full on and intense which isn't something that I want to do for this brief.

After the first crit I decided to make a mind map to see what came of it.
Looking at all the different things I have come up with on my mind map, I keep thinking about how I really need to get my idea sorted cos I have 100 things I have to do for my hand in. This brought me to the idea of using the quote 'I have 100 things to do' for example if someone asks you if you can do something you say, 'sorry I can't I have 100 things I need to do'. From this I thought about creating an organiser, something to help people like me who needs to write lists and organise my time better.

I started to think about what I could do for this brief using the quote 'I have 100 things I have to do today', then I thought about whether or not it would fit into the actual 100 brief. As the brief 100 is so broad I could do anything to do with 100, so I think this is what I am going to do for my brief. I am going to create a shop called 100, or something to do with 100, that sells organisers and things like that.

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