Wednesday, 18 December 2013

100 - Developing Idea

Developing my idea.
I started to think about the things I could produce for my 100 things shop. I think that there are a lot of things that help me get motivated to do work, so I thought I would try and include these into the products to produce. Different notebooks help with organisation, having a different notebook for different occasions, also to do lists and organisers, it always feels good to cross something off a list after you have done it. 

Thinking about print and web as a brief, I decided that I wanted to work on the print side of this brief and propose the website side of it, as I think the print I will produce will be better than what I can code for this brief. I started to think about print and what I should produce for it, and thought that I will create a shop and do branding for the shop including letterheads and business cards e.t.c. and then produce some of the products that could be sold in the shop.

As the business is all about organisation I want it to be a stationary shop, but not too serious, I want to produce something fun and colourful, something so that when you walk past you have to go in the shop. I have been to Paperchase to look around at the designs of some of the products they have, I have also looked at Blott and I would say that the illustrations used in paperchase would work really well with the colour used at Blott.

Penguins are my favourite animal so I thought creating a range based on Penguins could be a good idea, creating different collections for different occasions, such as a different animal or theme for a different range.

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