Friday, 27 December 2013

100 - Final Re-Written Brief


The Brief
100 Things To Do

Create a stationery shop selling products to
help people organise their life, but do this in
a creative and fun way. Create a brand and
identity for the shop, and suggest/make a
collection that will be sold there, keeping
the products quirky and helpful.
Consider the target audience and what they would want, also find something a bit different to other stationary shops, find the gap in the market.
Inform the target audience about a new stationary shop opening called 100 Things To Do, showing the personality of the business through the branding of it. Also create a collection that could be sold in the shop. Because online sales are increasing as technology increases, propose a website and app for the shop.


The shop is made to help people organise their lives but do it in a fun way, try to inspire people to get organise. The shop creates a friendly atmosphere when you walk in, it is very colourful and inspiring.

Target Audience
Mandatory Requirements
The target audience for 100 Things To Do
are people aged 14-27, creative people
who want to organise their life and the
things they have, people who like having
a bit of structure.

Research and development
Mock ups
Design Boards
Proposed Website
Tone of Voice
The tone of voice for the shop is quite quirky and fun.

Create a brand including a logo.
Business cards, letterheads,
envelopes, stationary.
Propose a shop, Website and Phone App.
Design boards                             

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