Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Pink Teapot - Brief analysis

The Pink Teapot Brief.

The Brief.
The Pink Teapot Cafe

The Pink Teapot is a café that has never really had a lot of marketing or promotion of its identity, therefore its needs branding. The logo will be provided but the whole café will need a rebrand as it currently has very little.


It is a café with a retro war time 1940/50s theme that developed naturally. It is a family run café with a lot of regular customers, but the café is looking to expand, therefore more marketing will be needed. They take a no nonsense approach dedicated to a fast turnover of customers working on a simple menu that can deliver with minimum time.

Target Audience. 
Middle age to older people with disposable income. Customers who enjoy retro themed environment and music. Families are also welcome however no children’s menu supplied deliberately.

Tone of Voice.

Very friendly staff with plenty of banter, very quirky tone of voice. ‘Be Nice Or Leave’ is a phrase used.

Consider the background of the business and where it has all come from, also the fact that the café is family run is very important to owner and wants the branding to reflect that. The relationship which the staff and owner have with the customers is very blunt in a humorous way, sharing stories and jokes, this is a relationship the café wants to keep with their customers.
Think about the different ways to brand the café, from business cards to gift vouchers, recreating the feel you get from the staff and atmosphere you get in the café. Make sure that what is produced reflects the personality of the business in a quirky and humorous way.

Mandatory Requirements.
Create multiple business cards for the owner to choose from, also all posters must be A2 or A3, no smaller. The opening/closing signs must contain the correct hours, Mon-Sat 10am till 3pm. Also the gift vouchers should vary in amount, or products available. 

A menu
Business cards
Opening/Closing signs
Gift vouchers
Cake boxes
Info Graphics for food

Evaluating the Brief.
The Pink Teapot is a cafe I have been working at for several years, and has never had any marketing or promotion of of the identity. The owner, Sonya, wanted some business cards and menu's designing quite quickly, along with some other design work which could be done for a later date. I suggested a few things that I could do for the cafe just to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Because I have worked there for so long I am very aware of the target audience that The Pink Teapot has. I also know the tone of voice of the Cafe and the messages that Sonya tries to get across. This will give me a head start on this brief as I am very aware of how everything runs and exactly what the cafe needs.

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