Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Web Content - Making Card, Tags, and Wrapping

Making the Content.
When I started think about what I was going to actually put on my website, I thought about designing and making all of my cards, making them all bespoke and creative, although after thinking about it properly, I found that I wouldn't have enough time to design and print all of my cards, tags, and wrapping paper. I decided that I would make stamps for each of the different seasons, lasercut them, then print them.

Laser cutting all different sizes of my icons means that I will be able to create my tags, greetings cards, and wrapping paper by cutting them all to size, then using acrylic paint, print the stamps all over the stock in different colours and layouts.

This is the process of printing all of my cards, tags, and wrapping. As I laser cut all of the stamps I found that the detail was so close together that sometimes the I had to use a paintbrush and get rid of the excess paint.

Examples of the Birthday Prints.

Examples of the Valentines Prints.

Examples of the Christmas Prints.

Examples of Wrapping Paper.
Although my original plan was to design all of the products properly on my website, I found that I just didn't have time, therefore I had to just have examples of things that could be on there by printing different stamps. If I had more time I would have designed all of the cards individually, but I think that it is more important that I create a working website, rather than just having nice designed cards.

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