Monday, 11 November 2013

Web Content - Making Ribbon Trees

Ribbon Tree.
Looking through pinterest I found a ribbon tree and thought that it looked like a perfect handmade gift. For my website I need 5 working pages, Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines, a homepage and a Do It Yourself page. The Do It Yourself page will be gift ideas, they can't be bought but the instructions can be downloaded which gives people a list of the materials needed and instructions of how to make things. A ribbon tree is something that is easy to make and a nice gift to give to someone, with that homemade feel about it, therefore I want to include it on my website.

Making the Ribbon Tree.

The making of the actual ribbon tree was simple, just cut lots of ribbon of whatever colours you want to use to 2 inches. Then loop the ribbon round and stick them into a polystyrene ball with a dressmaker needle. Do this repeatedly until its full, making sure you mix up the ribbons. Then to create the actual tree part, I just used three wooden skewers, stuck them into the the polystyrene balls, then wrapped ribbon around it.

I created two ribbon trees, blue and red, but I am only going to use one of them on my website as I think that they look better on their own, I will chose which one looks best when I create my website.

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