Sunday, 10 November 2013

Web Content - Making Ribbons

I have decided I want to sell ribbon on my website and thought that I would print onto lots of different coloured ribbons with different illustrations on each for different occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays, and Valentines day. I decided that I would print pink and white, keep the colours to a minimum.
When printing my white I found that it was really hard to line up the ribbons with the screen, and as there wasn't a lot of room for mistake, I had to print on truegrain, then line up all of my ribbon. As I was lining up my ribbon my screen dried and no matter how much I tried to flood prints on newsprint, it must have clogged up a bit, so I had to wash my screen and try again. Doing this made the process really hard to line it back up again, but I did the best I could.

The ribbon is going to just be photographed either rolled up on a reel, or just the part that is printed, therefore I don't need to make sure the whole length of the ribbon is printed on. 

Examples of the Ribbons.
The printing on ribbon worked really well, but because of the lining up of the ribbons I decided that I'm just going to stick with printing white because printing both would be a nightmare to do, as the screen dries so quickly. I'm really impressed with how my ribbons came out, although if I were to do this again I would have printed directly onto the ribbons. The only way you can print directly onto the ribbons is if you don't want to print white. Now that I know this I might think twice about wanted to print white, especially for the quantity I have.

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