Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Photoshop Postcards

I originally took 10 photos of squares around the college, then when finding out what the brief was, I looked through my photos and found one that I liked. It was an image of a square on the floor with my feet in the image, therefore I decided that I would get more photos of squares on the floor and photoshop my feet into them all.

This was my original image, I decided to change the levels in the image so that the square on the floor is more clear, also to create a higher contrast of the shoes on the floor, to bring more attention to them.

I used the quick selection tool to select the shoes on the original image, I then copied them onto my new photos of squares on the floor, I thought that I would make the constant theme in them all, that the shoes were at the side of each image.

This is the feet copied onto the next image, and although the feet look as if they are floating off the ground, I think that it looks good, I also changed the levels on this image too, and on moat of the images, just to bring more attention to the shoes in the image.

After applying this to all of the images I realised that they are all different sizes therefore I had to change the image size, I did this by going to 'Image' then 'Image Size...' this gave me the box below.

I changed the resolution of the image to 300, I also changed the width and height of the document size so that it would be A6, the same size as a postcard. I also made sure that the 'Resample Image' box was checked.

After looking at many different postcards I found that the front and the back of postcards have something similar on them, something that will connect the front to the back. Therefore I decided to keep the same colour scheme of my shoes which is red and white. I created a standard postcard layout using the pen tool, there is space for a stamp and space to write. I also decided to put the image of my shoes on the back, this is what links the front and the back.

The top image is the shoes which have not been adapted or changed, whereas the bottom shoes have. This shows how much photoshop can change an image, it has made the shoes the same colour of the lines, they also stand out more on the page. The bottom postcard looks better and more effective, this is why I have chosen to use it.

The finished postcards;

If I were to do this again I would look into the printing quality more, as some of the images aren't lined up, you can see this on the backs of each of the postcards. When they are not lined up, the shoes on the back are not to the edge of the postcard, they are sort of floating to the side. I would also make the lines stoke thinner as I think that when printed, the back looks slightly too bold, and will over power the text if someone writes on it.

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