Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Colour Theory - Part 3 and 4

Studio task;
In this task we had to get into pairs and choose two complimentary colours, and pick out 5 items from each colour. We then had to place each item onto each of the five coloured papers and discuss what we thought happened to the colour and the contract of the objects when they were on each colour, also to see what we thought had the highest contrast, lowest contrast and which was the mid contrast. Me and Sam chose orange and blue as our complimentary coloured objects.

Blue objects on coloured paper;

Orange objects on coloured paper;
When doing this we found that the highest contrast on the objects came from their complimentary colour, therefore most of the blue objects had a high contrast on the orange paper, and the orange objects had a high contrast on the blue paper. Likewise they both had similar low contrast colours, the orange objects had a low contrast with the orange paper and the blue objects had a low contrast with the blue paper. When it came to the mid contrast we found it harder as it is less obvious and clear, each object was a slightly different orange or blue therefore depending on how yellow or red the orange was depended on the mid contrast colour, likewise with the blues depending on whether the blues where greener or more violet.

All colours together;
We then had the idea to put all of the colours together, then place each of the object in the middle, although we were able to see how the object contrasted with all the colours at the same time, I don't think it was very successful as you can only see a small area of the colour, also the coloured objects have some other colours on them, therefore its not very accurate doing it this way.

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