Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Colour Theory - Part 1 and 2

Studio task 1;
When getting into our colour groups we had to organise our coloured objects, for examples, as I was in the yellow group, we had to organise our objects from the greenest yellow to the orangest yellow that we had, this formed a giant circle of colours around the whole colour wheel as all the groups joined onto the groups next to each other.

This is the colour wheel which we formed in the studio. It was virtually impossible to do this task from what we were given to the exact colour as the colours changes in different conditions, also the colours look different depending on the enviroment that it is in, therefore putting the object next to different colours will change the way you perceive the colours itself. Overall it worked out quite well but looking at it closer, looking at all the different colours that there were, it was clear that some people couldn't make their mind up about a certain object therefore just put it where ever, and settling.

Studio task 2;
We had to make a decision as to which of our objects was the greenest yellow, the orangest yellow, the palest yellow, the darkest yellow, the brightest yellow, the dullest yellow and the most yellow yellow.
Greenest - Orangest, Palest - Darkest, Brightest - Dullest
Most Yellow
This decision was made by comparing each of the objects to one another then narrowing it down, until we came up with the object we are looking for. As a group we then had to go through the Pantone books to find its exact colour for each of our chosen objects.

Greenest yellow: 386U Formula guide/solid uncoated, 3 3/4pts pantone yellow 11.7, 1/4pts pantone green .8, 28pts pantone trans.wt. 87.5
Orangest yellow: 130C 80% Tints/coated vol 1
Palest yellow: 100U 70% Tints/uncoated vol 1
Darkest yellow: 110C 80% Tints/coated vol 1
Brightest yellow: 3945U Formula guide/solid uncoated, 16pts pantone yellow 34.7, 1/8pts pantone pro blue .3, 30pts pantone trans.wt. 65.0
Dullest yellow: 7405U 30% Tints/uncoated vol 2
Most yellow: 803U 80% Tints/uncoated vol 2

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