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Newspaper Research

I got many different newspapers for this brief, so hat I had a wider range of articles I could choose. I got the Metro, i, The Sun and Daily Express. I found a few different articles to look at.
Finding many different stories from Jimmy Savile to James Bond girls. I decided to go for a lighter option, so that the story wouldn't be too intense and serious, so decided to look at an article called 'Many happy returns'. Looking at the different celebrities that have been breaking up then making up.

The article I chose
Looking further into it there are six different couples on this page, and decided to look at all of their relationship history, for some I found more information that others, I decided to note milestones of the relationship, and what does make and break them. 

Each Couples Relationship history;

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart;
Spring 2008 - Start filming for twilight, on screen romance begins
Summer 2008 - Kristen dating Michael Angarano, current boyfreind
Nov 17 2008 - appear on red carpet together
Mar 2009 -Rumours of Kristen and Rob - she denies and says they are just 'good friends'
May 2009 - holding hands - rumours ramp up - the big tease
June 2009 - Rob and Megan Fox rumoured to have hooked up
June 2009 - Kristen and Micheal split
Aug 2009 - Seen at concert together - Rob then seen leaving hers
Sept 2009 - ok claim they are engaged
Nov 2009 - Seen hand in hand in the airport
Jan 2010 - Spent new years together on the Ilse of Wight
May 2010 - Officially now an item
Jun 2010 - Win best kiss at MTV movie awards
Summer 2010 - Rent a place together in LA
June 2010 - Rob wins best kiss with costar Lauther
Aug 2011 - Kristen does snow white, stays with Rob
July 24 2012 - US weekly reveals Kristen cheats on Rob
Oct 2012 - Get back together, Rob believe that Kristen won't stray again

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green;
2004-2009 - Dated on and off for four years
2009 - Rumours Megan is dating Shia Labeouf
2009 - Megan rumoured to have had a fling with Robert Pattinson
Jan 2010-Jun 2010 - Engaged to marry
May 2010 - Married in Hawaii
Oct 2012 - Have a baby boy called Noah

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel;
May 2007 - Swapped numbers on night out
2009 - Justin rumoured to have cheated with Rihanna
Sep 2010 - Justin rumoured to have cheated with Olivia Munn, saying him and Jess were broke up, but it was actually behind Jess's back.
March 2010 - Mutual break up but remain friends
Oct 2011 - Spotted on a double date
Nov 2011 - Officially back together again
Jan 2012 - They get engaged
Oct 2012 - They get married

Rihanna and Chris Brown;
2007 - Chris 18th birthday - rumours fly
2008 - Brother/sister relationship phase - best friends
2008 - Chris say they have taken the relationship to the next level
2009 - Start prince and princess of R&B
Feb 8 2009 - Argue over sexts from manager Tina Davis to Chris - he beats her and is charged for it - they end things - Chris leaks nude pictures
2009 - Rihanna is flirting with Drake
2010 - Rihanna starts relationship with LA Dodger Matt Kemp
2011 - Restraining order lifted - they follow each other on twitter and send flirty tweets
2012 - Sources say they've been hooking up for over a year
2012 - Drakes entourage hits Chris with a bottle
Sept 2012 - Chris gets with Nicole Sherzinger 
Oct 2012 - Reunited and back together

Kate Middelton and Prince William;
2002 - Will sees Kate modeling lingerie - begin
2002 - Move into a student house with Will and her boyfriend Rupert Finch
2003 - Quietly dating
2003 - Came out that they were a couple at Christmas
2005 - Will is an army officer - Kate stands by him
Jan 2006 - Photographed kissing each other
2007 - Kate is given 24 hour security detail
April 14 2007 - Split up for a few months
June 2007 - Seen kissing together more - insist just 'good friends'
Nov 2010 - Get engaged - Will gives Kate Diana's ring
Apr 2011 - got married

Pink and Carey Hart;
2001 - Pink and Carey met each other
2003 - Pink been rumoured to have cheated with other women
2003 - Broke up briefy 
2003 - Got back together, Carey forgave Pink
2006 - Got married
2008 - Separated - Hart cheated with Michelle McGee
2009-now - Pink had forgiven and they are back together

Visual couple history;
Couple mind map
My mind map of the six different couples allowed me to visually see this information so there is a better understanding of whats going on with each couple, and also found that some of them crossed with each other.
Rihanna and Chris Brown
 I thought that it would work even better visually if I were to use pictures to show who has been with who during the relationship. So used Rihanna and Chris Brown as an example of their infidelities.

After first crit;
Finding this information is difficult as it is very unclear as to what information is correct and what is just a rumour. After my crit I found that I should narrow down my research to looking at gossip columns and the reasons why celebrities would/could lie about their relationship status and how journalists exaggerate the truth. As well as this, the celebrities take advantage of knowing this and use it to help them, as PR scandles.

After looking more into the romances of the six couples, I found mostly information on Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. My research shows that there is a lot of speculation about the genuineness of their relationship, as shows on my Design Context blog.
To take this forward I could create awareness about the fact that celebrities, their managers and people they work for are creating false stories or tricking people into thinking things that aren't true, or are an exaggeration of the truth. For example, Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson so he broke up with her. As many twilight fans follow the relationship of the two lead actors and are not happy about them splitting up, they have got back together just before their new film has come out. This creates a lot of publicity about them to remind people about them and the film, also it shows them being indestructible, like in the film, which the fans will love. This is a PR stunt to make their new film as successful as possible, and keep all of their fans interested.


Choosing this article works really well for me as it won't be too daunting as it is such a light article. Although I think that it would have been slightly easier to gather information about a serious factual article, as most of the information and website which I found were biased. One website would say how false the relationship between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, then on another website it would say that they are in love and people should stop saying that they are not. Therefore the information which I am collecting isn't legitimate, and can't be told as a fact.

Looking back I should have chosen a subject or article which has more depth as I can't see how far I can take this. Although depending on the brief which follows I could find something to show or explain using this information. Maybe play on the idea of not knowing the truth.

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