Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Anatomy of Type - Part 5

When experimenting with the anatomy of type, we used a variance of our groups of letter forms to change the elements of each letter. For example, drawing the lightest version of our letter form and the boldest. We also looked a distorting the letter forms by making the stems and bowls lighter and bolder.

First part;

The first thing we did was use our 'gothic b' and draw it using tracing paper, then recreate the same letter but as the lightest it could be, and also the boldest it could be, this consisted of changing both the bowl and stem the same way. The first one we did on our own, and the 'Roman A' we got told exactly what we were suppose to do with it, that's why the second letter looks more effective.

Second part;

The second thing we did was choose either gothic or roman to distort, I chose gothic. We then had to use both upper and lower case, starting with the 'C' make the boldest and lightest it could be. Looking back the bold C could have been a lot more bold, although the lightest, couldn't get any lighter as it is simply a single line. We then went to 'B' and chose to do a bolder stem, but lighter bowl, therefore this is what I did, this part was quite simple as I understand the concept of the bowl and stem. Although it was difficult to them change it and do a lighter stem and bolder bowl on the 'A'. This was more difficult as an upper case A does not have a bowl, therefore I decided to leave the crossbar on the A the same width and only change the stem to be its lightest.

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