Sunday, 28 October 2012

Research Workshop


In this workshop we got into groups of four and tried to think of some of the biggest most memorable stories from the past year. The stories we chose were to not be about children dissapearing or anything like that. These are the things we came up with;
  • Jimmy Saville
  • Felix breaking the sound barrier
  • American elections
  • Snoop Dogg's not allowed in Denmark
  • The Olympics - Mo Farrah and Jessica Ennis
  • Diamond Joubilee
  • Osama Binladen found
  • Naked Royals
  • Steve Jobs died
  • London riots
  • Euro crisis
  • Tulisa's sex tape
  • Batman shootings
  • Bath Salts drug
The three we chose and thought stayed in our minds the most were, Jimmy Saville, Felix breaking the sound barrier and the Olympics. During this workshop we realized  that it is hard to think or remember the good news, as the bad news is more shocking and therefore stays in your mind more, also on the news it is mostly all bad news, and only shows the really bad things, therefore its hard to think about the good things that have happened.

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